• Mrs. Seema Khaitan

Say No To Plastic

Inner Wheel District 303

Akola, Maharashtra

1 July 2019

Way to achieve Association’s President Goal “Save Environment”

A mega project of Jute Bags was started on the very first day of the year, 1st July 2019 by Inner Wheel District 303.

Total 4,500 bags purchased and distributed. Usage of these bags is a green initiative and one step towards “Save Environment and branding of Inner Wheel with logo of Mission Mamta and Inner Wheel” on it.

These bags are most eco friendly, eco accommodating, biodegradable, recyclable and will combat the environmental hazard caused by plastic bags.

Explanatory lectures for Remove Plastic giving details of its hazards were given. Drawing competitions, poster competitions, skits were held in the school. Parents were counselled about the dangers and demerits of plastic and its use and were requested to replace plastic tiffin boxes and bottles as they are increasing the risk of cancer.

Children took oath not to use plastic.

Reduce, refuse, reuse, recycle plastic bags.

Slogan competitions, rallies marked the different programs in the Inner Wheel District 303.

Distributed Jute Bags

Distributed Jute Bags

Slogan Competition

Slogan Competition

Parent's counselled about the dangers and demerits of plastic

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