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Inner Wheel, founded by Mrs. Oliver Golding in 1923, is the world’s largest voluntary women service organization consisting mainly of women.


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  • Mrs. Seema Khaitan

Nation Builder Award “Midas”

Inner Wheel Club of Calcutta Mega City



On 24 th September, 2019, IWC of Calcutta Mega City celebrated Nation

Builders Award titled as Project "Midas", wherein five teachers from different

fields were felicitated, who, through their selfless work have elevated and

enlightened the lives of several students belonging to the backward strata of

the society through their 'Midas' touch. These teachers guided the students in

academics, sports and general and performing arts. Their story was full of

compassion and motivation. Among these five unique teachers, IWC Calcutta

Mega City felt extremely honoured to felicitate their own Bhabanidi, also the

Past District Governor, whose contribution to the society as a great teacher

especially for specially challenged children is exemplary.

The other recipients were; Shri Swapan Bhuiya, for primary education, Shri

Hiralal Das for sports, Smt. Madhushree Chowdhury for giving education to

girl children, and Mrs. Mimi Das for education to slum children especially

school drop outs and drug addicts.