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Inner Wheel, founded by Mrs. Oliver Golding in 1923, is the world’s largest voluntary women service organization consisting mainly of women.


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  • Mrs. Seema Khaitan

Installation of Water Body

Inner Wheel Club of Dhule Crossroad

Vill. Kundane, Dhule

IWC Dhule Crossroad constructed a village tank at the adopted Village, named

Kundane under water supply scheme. Under this project one storage tank,

with a capacity of 1.5 crore ltrs. water was constructed. Besides this tank, a

jackwell facility was also developed. Under this scheme villagers pumped

water and fill the overhead tank and then distribute it in the village. The

jackwell will get charged by water stored in tank created under the project.

This facility will solve the drinking water need of the villagers.

Water Body

Construction under process

Club Members

Club Members