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Formation of Inner Wheel in India

The first Club in India was formed at Ahmedabad in 1955. Mrs. Minnie Camma was the Charter President of Inner Wheel Club of Ahmedabad. Inner Wheel movement spread its wings to other cities in India at a considerable pace. First four Districts—District 75, District 317 (S), 315, and District 310 were formed in the year 1966-67. When the first International Inner Wheel President Lavender Weightman visited India there were 22 Clubs with three Inner Wheel Districts. And by the end of her term as International President, there were 85 Clubs with 2000 members in India.

A National Council was formed in the year 1968 with Dr. Malti Rana as the first International Inner wheel Representative (I.I.W.R.). District 75 replaced with District 305. 1970 saw more Districts added to the National Council District 320, 318, 314, 310 and 311. Dr. Malti was followed by Dr. Dipika Shah, Malati Ramakrishna Rao, Meher N. Framjee, Asma Mascati, and Nagamani Chandrashekar as I.I.W.R’s.

History of Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in India & Sri Lanka

On 1st July 1976, Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in India and Sri Lanka was born with Raksha Mehta as the First Association President.  The first Association President Mrs. Raksha Mehta was installed on the 11th of July 1976 in Bombay. The Association had a Governing Body with 10 Council members from Districts 305, 306, 310, 311, 314, 315, 317, 318, 320 and 321.


Association Council Meetings were held on 11th & 12th July 1976 and 9th, 10th of February 1977 at Bombay and Madras respectively.  The Council committed to consolidate and improve the administrative work of all Districts.  Some guidelines for District Conferences and Assemblies were formulated at the Council Meeting held at Madras.  Discussions on the division of District 310, 318 and 321 were held at Madras.  District 310 bifurcated into 309 and 310 with 14 clubs each. District 318 divided into 24 Clubs and District 319 with 19 Clubs respectively. District 321 did not wish to bifurcate; six clubs of Sri Lanka did not wish to bifurcate either. The four non-District Clubs in District 325 formed a new District 325 which was later renumbered as District 329.


The first Association Conference was organized by the Council which was held in Bombay on the 5th/6th January 1977. About 410 Delegates were in attendance from all parts of India and Sri Lanka.


In 1985, both Sri Lanka and Bangladesh became separate entities.

Inner Wheel Prayer

Instill in us O Lord, the true meaning of friendship

Never let us forget that we are all thy children

Notwithstanding the differences in our culture and creeds

Endow us with a desire to serve our fellowmen

Remembering that we too often need help

Whenever or wherever the need for service arises

Help us to be ready to serve

Endeavoring to make our badge of Inner Wheel worthwhile

Ensuring that we have not

Lived in vain

Objectives of Inner Wheel
  • To Promote True Friendship

  • To Encourage the Ideals of Personal Service

  • To Foster International Understanding

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission for 2019-2020

5 year plan to end orphanages and orphan in India.
  • Creating Awareness

  • Encouraging Adoption

  • Foster Care

  • Guardianship

  • Hunting for Orphan

  • Merge Old Age Home and Orphanage, one Senior Citizen can adopt one Child.

  • Adopting Remand Home


Together we can

Alone we can do little; together we can do so much -Helen Keller

By working together -we can achieve our ambitions and make this world a better place for everyone to live in.  The future is in our hands and we do not have to see how small the world is but how big Inner Wheel is.  We all have to be forward thinking and make our voices heard.


We have to be innovative in our efforts to Inspire other Women to join Inner Wheel, so that “Together We Can” enjoy friendship and reach out to those who are getting left behind in this ever changing world.  

Caring for Women & Girls

Women are more likely than men to be poor, hungry and victims of violence. We need to ensure that the basic needs of women & girls are met for their well-being and secure future. Feminism is not about making women strong; they are already strong.
It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength. Empowering women and girls is a prerequisite for creating a good nation. When women are empowered, a society with stability is

If mothers are empowered and healthy, so are their families, leading to an alleviation of poverty. Time is up for crediting just our forefathers, it’s time to recognize the sacrifices of our foremothers. So the International Social Project 2018 – 2021 is – “Caring for Women & Girls”.

"Alone we can do little, together we can do so much"

-Helen Keller

Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in India

Inner Wheel, founded by Mrs. Oliver Golding in 1923, is the world’s largest voluntary women service organization consisting mainly of women.


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