Dear National Representative,

Congratulations on your elevated position as the arrow head of your country’s membership. Your duties as enumerated in the Duties and Responsibilities of National Representative shall be your guide. I implore you to be the rallying points of members in your country for guidance, education and link between them and the International Inner Wheel Governing Body. The interest of increased membership and Clubs is important. Your cordial interaction with District Officers will be highly appreciated. This will kindle the continuous participation of members in various projects.Please, remember it is part of your duties to forward photographs of important projects executed in your country to the IIW Editor for publication Please remind Districts to celebrate United Nation’s International Day of Peace on 21st September, International Women’s Day, 8th March in your country, and continue the campaign against Violence on Women and Children.

Your quarterly reports should highlight information about the project and charitable works undertaken in your country, and any other useful information that requires notice of UN through our Representatives. Work towards “Touch a Heart” in words and deeds.
I wish you a successful tenure of office

Touch a Heart

This year’s Theme is taken from our second objective "to encourage the ideals of personal service"

Touch a Heart, gives birth to kindness, being generous with your time, money, resources and willingness to help. Your true wealth is the good you do in the world. Be kind to earth, honour the idea of a global community, that we are each other’s keepers, ensuring safety, security, comfort, wellness, beauty and peace. Be kind to yourself, take care of your body by eating well, it goes through to the heart. Be kind with your words. Words spoken are like a broken egg, you cannot park them back. Be careful your word do not hurt your heart and the heart of others around you.

Touch a Heart, applies to our relationship with other people, animal, plants, and the Earth. It may be offering of helping hand, patiently waiting your turn, returning a phone call or favour, or even cheerfully responding with a smile. You can touch a heart by listening, not necessarily giving advice, just listening to someone pouring emotions out, with patience. Giving someone a part on the back, a warm hug, when there is no one to acknowledge, can give the courage to move a mountain. A wink of an eye that means you can do it.

Touch a Heart through the way you treat your environment, the trees are our lungs, the rivers our bloodstream, they are all inter connected and what you do to environment ultimately you do to yourself. Kindness in the way we handle our environment, the oxygen we breathe works through our lungs and fuel our blood through our heart.

We can give compassion through “Touch a Heart”, an essential part of our life. The smile expressed by the recipient of your kindness is an experience more powerful than words. To become acquitted with touching a heart, one must be prepared to learn new things, and feel new feelings.

Touch a Heart is more than a philosophy of mind, it is a philosophy of the Spirit.

Oluyemisi Alatise
IIW President 2016/2017

Oluyemisi Alatise was born on the 25th of December 1951. Had my primary, secondary and tertiary education in Lagos. I served for five years as a Juvenile Magistrate on contract. I attended the 110 AMP of Harvard Business School (Spouse Course). Currently an Executive Director of Family business Tuntise Investments Ltd. A Paul Harris Fellow and a recipient of IIW MGA awardee.

Joined Inner Wheel Club of Lagos in 1978 created the Children’s Transit Centre for Lost and Found Children, which houses over 60 children up till date, with an average turnover of 10 children every month.

I became the District Chairman in 1995/96 and started the raft foundation of the current Vocational Centre that has trained, empowered hundreds of people with the contribution of successive District Chairmen.

I was elected as the National Representative 2008/2009 when the Vocational Centre was commissioned by IIWPresident Susan Nielsen.

Became a Board Director in 2010/2011 and initiated the Women for Africa programme that started the Micro Credit programme which is growing in big capital base.

I participated in many International conference, seminars, conventions, with many Inner Wheel members. The inter-action has taken me to the Indian Ocean of Reunion Island, Mauritius. In India, Mumbai, Agra, Jaipur, Delhi, and Calcutta. In Italy, Torino, Verona, Trento, Florence, Naples and Venice. Africa, Ghana, Cotonou, Bamako and Dakar. England, Plymouth, Bath, Somerset and Manchester. Germany, Frankfurt and Hannover.

Joint Project: I worked with Royal Netherland Embassy, Canadian High Commission, United Nations Wives Association, Diplomatic Wives of West African, American Wives Association, at Club level with transparency and accountability. Department of Children of Family, Miami, USA as a Home Visitor/Vendor. Since year 2000, Karin Uwajebrought the International Joint project to Nigeria. Thousands of Euro has been handled and accounted for yearly. Succour to Orphans of HIV/AIDS, every year scholarship at District level. Solar Power for Idembia Health Centre at National Level. Revolving Micro Credit Loan from IWC of Tapiola Finland.

My election as IIW President will also give me more opportunity to meet members in as many countries as possible. I offer my humble self to serve.

Touch a Heart Theme 2016-2017