Dear National Representative,

Congratulations to you on being elected as National Representative of your country. Your duties as enumerated in the Duties and Responsibilities of National Representative shall be your guide. Your Most Important responsibility is to act as a link between IIW & District/Districts of your Country for all communications round the year.
Your quarterly reports should highlight information about the project and charitable works undertaken in your country, and any other useful information that requires notice of UN through our Representatives.

2017-18 is a year of IIW Convention —Melbourne. Encourage members to register in large nos for it as it’s not only a platform to know more of your organization but an opportunity to exchange ideas, participation in deliberations, making new friends & above all Melbourne is a beautiful city.

Theme for year 2017-18 is -Leave a Lasting Legacy—-
Legacy is about being mindful of the opportunity & responsibility, you have to serve your own advancement by serving others. You only can set the standards of performance that you expect for yourself from others. You must be self-disciplined and knowledgeable to hold yourself accountable to constantly deliver to those standards everyday, every step of the work.Legacy is the establishment of standards rules that can be passed onto future generations.

Together as a team, you at your country’s highest level of communication & myself at the helm of world’s highest level of leadership -should year-round aim towards the actions which would leave a lasting Legacy.

Congratulations & Best wishes

Dr Kapila Gupta
IIW President -2017-18

All these years ,all of us have been trying to make the world know of IW & its activities ,So when i was thinking over to give a Theme for -2017-18 ,I thought to give a theme which each member would understand ,why i have chosen it. Entering into its 94th year of existence & 50th year of formation of International Inner Wheel worldwide & myself being 50th IIW President & yet even our nearest have not heard of our prestigious organization.
Theme itself says that all throughout the year we would work towards publicizing & strengthening our organization’s existence .Let the world around you ,your friends, family know of the service IW is doing to needy & is one of the largest women’s service organisation.
We all need to be remembered to feel that we have contributed something to our organisation by contributing to the world around. For some this can be a driving force leading to a great accomplishment & extraordinary contribution to the mankind. But for most of us with more modest goals, what pushes us is the desire to —Leave A Legacy.
Your Legacy is putting your stamp on the future of your organisation. It’s a way to make some meaning of your existence .
—“Yes world of future, I was here, here is my contribution. .
There are many ways you can leave Legacy—
Leaving to young generation, are memories of good work done by us now to promote service to needy & friendship around us among members.
Or You can do more than just serve as a good role model ,you can take more active approach to Leaving a Lasting Legacy, Providing a History— Research history of your club/ District is a wonderful way to let your new member know ,as well add to your personal contribution.
Your Legacy grows each time you inspire others to see something thro to fruition. To help guide as a leader & keep them moving in right direction.
If you were to leave your current post in IW today–what is the legacy you would leave behind? How would others remember you?
At each level of your working in IW, you learn how to keep creating sustainable impact & influence on community or members in the organisation. With each step you take, you will identify new ways of creating long lasting impact of your service or communication style to tell the world around of your organisation.
With wishes for a yet another New IW Year, Pledge to make a difference in the way you serve the community or your organisation at all levels, Let each one of you leave an impact around you to leave a Lasting Legacy for IW.

Dr Kapila Gupta
IIW President-2017-18

Born on 21st August, Doctor by profession, At present holding the post of Director- Consultant at Dr. O.P. Gupta Memorial Diagnostic Centre, Rohtak

  • Joined Inner wheel Club Rohtak in 1991-1992
  • Served at all posts at Club level and bagged many awards as Best President, best secretary and other running trophies .
  • Appreciation award from National Polio Committee.
  • Elected to District post in 2000-2001 and served at all post of District to reach the highest post of District chairman in 2006-07
  • Elected to District post in 2000-2001 and served at all post of District to reach the highest post of District chairman in 2006-07
    As District Chairman……….first to launch Website of her District
    ………first to host –ICI-Incoming Chairman,s Institute
    ……….Made 3 new Clubs, promoted Excursion trips.

  • 2007-2008 elected as National Treasurer for Association of IW Clubs in India, was vigilant on exchange rate to save lot of Association money..
  • Elected as National President for Association of Inner wheel Clubs in India in 2009-2010,served till 2010-2011, was first AP to arrange for the PAN no for Association Accounts which helps in transactions.
  • Motivated Districts to form 53 new Clubs –highest Record at that time.
  • Took large no approx 700 IW members to Sri Lanka for 2nd South Asia Rally and played key role in its arrangements.
  • 2013-2014 Got elected as IIW Treasurer —– first ever from India.devoting to her duty well as IIW Traesurer ,left a mark by continuing streamline of accounts & got ,elected unopposed for the last two years in a row to serve till 2015-16.
  • Played a key role as Ex officio for the XI IIW Convention at Copenhagen .
  • 2016-17- Got elected as IIWVP ,first one from India to serve in continuity at IIW office for two prime posts.
  • Attended last 6 Triennial Conferences .
  • Attended 8 Incoming Chairmen Institutes , speaker in last 7.
  • Actively took part in Rotary activities was awarded best supportive spouse by DG in 2000-01.
  • Life Member of IMA, FIAMS,MIMSA, UPCHAR, RED CROSS,,FLO .President Mahila Dakshita Samiti 1997-98,99,2000.
  • First woman to Start women wing of IMA Rohtak, which is functioning till date successfully
  • Was on the managing Body Red Cross society Rohtak for many years.
  • In the year 2009-10,-2011,Was appointed on the panel of Compromise courts Rohtak ,to start in any court in Haryana for the first time .
  • Was member on the Panel of Juvenile court-1991-92-93.
  • Besides her knowledge of Allopathy, She has Keen interest in Alternate therapies., has learnt Reiki, keen interest in Astrology and Art of Living. Religious by nature and believer of Karmic theory as well as fond of reading on these subjects, Dr. Deepak Chopra and Shiv Khera ,Robin Sharma ,are her favorite authors .
  • She has traveled in the country and worldwide to South East Asia, USA, Europe & UAE several times and is fond of travelling, reading and is a computer savvy.
  • Married to Rotarian P.P. Rakish Mohan Gupta,active Rotarian,industrilist, Blessed with two children, Elder son Karan M.Tech ,as senior software consultant , USA, married to Rashmi, MBA, blessed with two daughters
    Daughter Neha MBA ,PGDM,. Management Consultant in Canada, Married to Vineet, software consultant . Both are religious and brought up with high moral values.
    Her motto is reflected in the hello tune she tells to everyone—kisi ki muskurahato main ho nissar, kisi ka gum mil sake to le udhaar, kisi ke waste ho tere dil mein pyar, jeena is ka naam hai.

Leave a Lasting Legacy Theme 2017-2018