The 41st President of the Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in India


I am because you are
Fellow Inner Wheel members

Where service is revered,
Where friendship is valued,
This is Inner Wheel,
Spread across the globe.

Your will gets you started
Enthusiasm keeps you going
With positive attitude, confidence,
Strong morale you walked
On new paths and
Vowed to serve …..

It’s been an Enjoyable year
of Friendship and service
You’ve met people
Who will be a part of life
You’ll never forget!

You’ve created Happier Futures
For children, providing them
Facilities to study

You’ve created Happier Futures
For girls, creating awareness
On health, hygiene,
Empowering them with knowledge
On self Defense, legal rights

You have created Better lives
For Seniors citizens, special persons
Providing love and care
Better lives by improving
The planet we live in
Cleaner, Greener Earth!

The world is round
So friendship may encircle it
Inner Wheel has given us friends
To make life gorgeous, splendid!

For every ending, there’s a new beginning
For every memory, there’s a dream ahead
The future beckons , time has indicated
More joyous hours …
In the years to come. …
Let’s continue to walk the
Path of Friendship and Service !


Dear friends,

Greetings on International Inner Wheel Day!

It is amazing how Inner Wheel members respond and act to execute projects to help Society. Members in India have now undertaken at my request, to celebrate International Inner Wheel Day not just on 10th January, but for a whole week, at least.

Each club in India is doing projects under the thrust area decided by the District to create Happier Futures Better lives, and Touch many hearts!

The projects are being done under

  • E Empowerment of girls/ women
  • N Nature needs You
  • J Joy of sports….All by
  • O Optimizing Resources.
  • Y You the member

Many may ask , rather are asking what is the purpose of this exercise? I reply it is a time to reaffirm our loyalty to our organisation, to the ideals and objectives of Inner Wheel, to feel the global nature of Inner Wheel, to motivate and get motivated , to show through our actions we care for our country and our world.

I congratulate each District, each club, each member who has given her, time and talent to celebrate this week meaningfully. I am awed by the various activities, the innovative projects the admirable methods of public imaging. I am humbled that one idea could generate so much response Thank you dear friends!

We are showing our work on social media not to show off, rather to get others on board to assist us in our endeavours maybe financially, physically or by giving us moral support . If people know what we do, if they understand our intentions, they are convinced of our honesty and capabilities, only then will more hands join us as we walk the talk!

Yes friends ENJOY Inner Wheel as you walk the path of Friendship and service!

Every year in July the Inner Wheel Baton of leadership is passed on at all levels, club, District Association International! Thinking back I can say I have been an Inner Wheel member for the larger part of my life since 1989, when my club IWC Giridih was formed. Did I dream , think, imagine then that I would be heading the Association one day? Never!

But that again is the beauty of the democratic functioning of Inner Wheel that a simple member from a small town of Jharkhand can aspire and be elected to lead our prestigious Association. My heartfelt gratitude to all members in India who considered me worthy of this position.

I do realize wholly , this mantle is one of leadership and responsibility, not merely of prestige and power. I pray and hope I can live up to my own expectations, as of others and do my bit in the wonderful organization we are part of. I believe we are all small currents in the flow of Inner Wheel and all of us jointly can produce electrifying results.

There’s an ad we often see “ It’s your life , make it large!” I would like all of you to ENJOY Inner Wheel! Enjoy it wholeheartedly, imbibe it thoroughly and live your IW life to the fullest .When we do not attempt we feel it is unattainable. Our hesitation brings in negativity into our thoughts, stalls our action. We find excuses for
our inaction, in our home, career, health , family. But life runs on parallel tracks. Do everything together, something more today, something less tomorrow. Think positive! When you get involved, when you work with passion, you will enjoy the satisfaction, sense of accomplishment that comes from knowing, you have helped to make something better, done something worthwhile!

Our organization transcends religion, caste ,culture, creed, to envelope all of us to do something for the place we live in. the ways of caring are many, and the ones who need care are many too! We are going to focus on education and empowerment of girls. Sanitation and hygiene are basic rights to dignity. The joy of sports and outdoors must be cultivated to make one healthy and happy. By inculcating this habit, awareness to protect our
environment too will arise. We must reclaim our open spaces. We have limited resources of time and wealth. Use this opportunity you have to serve in the best possible manner. Use your resources with intelligence to do the maximum good to your society You the individual member are the most important cog in the wheel. We need to strengthen our movement . Let’s strengthen our weak clubs , increase clubs and members , but with caution , and

If each one of us works on all fronts we would have touched hearts , created Happier Futures and Strengthened Inner Wheel to progress towards our centenary ! Remember – few will have the greatness to bend history itself
But each of us can work To change a small portion of events And in the total of all those acts will be written
The history of this generation Enjoy Inner Wheel

Prabha Raghunandan was born in Madras on 5th August and grew up in Jamshedpur where she completed her schooling from Sacred Heart Convent in the city. She did MA (Economics) and a B Ed with Diplomas in Personnel Management and Interior Decoration. In school and college she was an elocutionist and debater.

She has been involved in the Inner Wheel Movement for 28 years starting as a Charter Member of Inner Wheel Club of Giridih when it was formed in 1989.She became Club President in 1993-94 and entered the District Executive as District ISO in 1995. After competently completing all Districts posts she became Millennium District Chairman in 2000-2001. She has always been a very active member of her club, as Assembly Secretary when her club first hosted District Assembly, as Convener of Multi Dist Rally/ Meet in 1998, 1999, 2009 and at the 2012, KALPATARU East Zone Meet on IW Education. She has more than 20 years continuous attendance at District Events. With her support, her club has hosted 1 Past International Inner Wheel President and 10 Association and Past Association Presidents over the years. She has been the recipient of Dist Awards for Best Secretary, President, ISO, Editor, Best Member of the District. She was Conference Chairman in 2005 and 2014. She formed the two IW clubs of Patna and Chapra during her Chairmanship year.

Her work and interest have extended beyond the district. She was the Voting Delegate at Triennial Conferences at Chennai, Pune, Mumbai, Varanasi, Hyderabad and Kolkata. She was also the Scribe at Triennial in Hyderabad. She was Chief Stewardess at the Kolkata Triennial. She has attended South Asia Pacific Rally in Chennai 1998, Silver Jubilee Dist 319 in 2001,Golden Jubilee Kolkata 2005, Multi Dist Meet Jagriti – Varanasi, South Asia Rally in Mumbai 2014, Diamond Jubilee of IW in India Darpan in 2015.She has attended Installations of five Association Presidents. She has had the opportunity to participate in events of 298, 301, 302, 308,310, 311, 312, 314, 319, 320, 323, 324, 326, 329. She as faculty for Incoming Chairman’s Institute 2015-16 at Pune. She was a Panelist at National PDC Meet 2011 in Ahmedabad and the moderator of the National Chat Show “Vision 2024 _Inner Wheel in Centenary Year” in Goa in 2015.She has been a Speaker at IW, Rotaract Assemblies and various clubs events.

She has always been actively involved in all the club projects, and is continuously trying to get new ideas and assistance for projects to improve the society they live in. She has Co authored a Cookery book for fund raising. She was District Coordinator for Public Relations 2011-2012, Greener Planet 2012-13, CCCC 2013-15. In recognition of her work, she was awarded Best Women in Social Service by the Government of India on International Women’s Day 2011.

She becomes the first person from Dist 325 comprising Bihar & Jharkhand to be elected to the highest National post of Inner wheel. She served as Association Vice President in 2015 -16.

Prabha follows in the Rotary footsteps of her family. Her Father in law late G.V. Raghavan was Dist Governor in 1989-90 District 3250.Her mother in law late Padma Raghavan was Charter President of IWC Giridih. She is married to Rtn R. V. Raghunandan MPHF a businessman, trade union leader and social worker. He is a Past President of Rotary Giridih and Charter President of Rotary Giridih Greater. Her Rotary knowledge and experience has been gained because of them. She is a graduate of RLI-123

(Rotary Leadership Institute 2014). She has attended more than 15 Rotary conferences of Dist 3250 besides other Rotary events. She also attended Dist Conference of Rotary Dist 1060 UK in 2001 where her husband was Speaker. She has attended the Rotary Convention at Bangkok. She was made a Paul Harris Fellow, a recognition bestowed by Rotarians of Dist 1060 UK for her service to society.

Prabha’s father late P. Sridharan worked in LIC. A Social worker associated with Lions’s Club Jamshedpur and Cancer Hospital, he was also the Official Scorer of Bihar Cricket Association and a Qualified Umpire at District level. An extremely sociable person, he is still remembered very fondly in Jamshedpur. Her mother Padma ,is a pious lady with great resilience and responsibility. She still keeps herself busy with music, reading and religious satsangs.

Prabha and Raghunandan are blessed with 2 sons Vaibhav a freelance journalist, photographer and graphic designer and Vishwam a musician and sound engineer. Both are based in Delhi.

Prabha enjoys reading, gardening, music and cooking. Her friendly nature, playful enthusiasm, an underplaying patience and a deep sense of responsibility is often appreciated by peers. Among those younger to her she has always come across as a helping hand, guiding and motivating without any airs. One of her key skills, lies in being able to judge the emotional sensitivities of individuals and harness that energy to derive the best out of them.

She believes, where there is a will there is a way.

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