J. Emelda Joe
District 298

An Arts Graduate and a businesswoman, Emelda has held several posts in IWC of Cuddalore and in District 298, which she entered in 2009 as District ISO. She is married to Rtn. P.J.X. Vedanayagam, enjoys reading books and listening to music. She aims to develop her District into one that is service oriented and would like to attract new friends into the Inner Wheel fold.

Sangeeta Bharti
District 301

A gold medallist post graduate in Political Science, Sangeeta followed the footsteps of her mother who was an Inner Wheel Member and joined the Inner Wheel in 2000. Under her presidentship, her Club received 14 Awards including the outstanding President Award received by her. Married to Arvind Bharti , a businessman, she is blessed with a son and a daughter. Her hobbies are writtng, reading, travelling and painting.

S. Pramila Rani
District 302

Born near Vijayawada and brought up in Madras, Pramila Rani learnt Kuchipudi Dance from the famous dance exponent Vempati Chinna Satyam. After working with a local Woman’s Service Organisation where she learnt a lot about women’s issues, she joined IWC of Vijayawada East. She entered the District in 2007-2008 and has held all the posts. She is married and settled in Vijayawada and has three married daughters.

Varsha Ashwinikumar Kotpalliwar
District 303

Varsha joined IWC of Chanda Fort as Charter Secretary in 1994, held several posts and won many awards for her club. During her term as District I.S.O., her Club organized a memorable District Rally, “HARSHWARDHINI”. As District Treasurer, she received the Outstanding Treasurer Award from the Association. As District Secretary, she created E-mail ids for all the Clubs in the District. She is married to Ashiwinikumar Kotpalliwar.

Aruna Pandey
District 304

A strong belief in service to society inspired Aruna into joining IWC of Indore Uptown in 1990 as a founder member, where she held several posts and received the Best Editor and Best President awards. In the District she took up many posts and has proudly spearheaded many community engagement projects such as Pulse Polio, Education for Underserved People, Elderly Nursing Home and many more.

Kanan Golecha
District 305

An active Inner Wheel member, Kanan has held several posts at the Club and District levels. Her husband, Dr. Prakash Golecha, is an E.N.T. Surgeon and they are blessed with 3 children; the eldest daughter is an M.D. (Anaesthesia), the second daughter a Bachelor in Fine Arts and their son is a Public Relations Consultant in the entertainment industry. Her hobbies are making friends and cooking.

Sejal Halani
District 306

An outstanding student through school and college, Sejal works with many organisations for the betterment of women and children and provides employment to 35 women through her Boutique, Seven’s. She held all the posts at IWC of Dhrangadhra and the District and won many awards. Married to Rotarian PP Atul Halani, she is blessed with a daughter and a son. She loves gardening, reading, writing, travelling and making friends.

Nancy Verma
District 307

A Post Graduate in Anaesthesia, Nancy is an active social worker who received a Gold Medal and State Award from the Punjab CM. She took up every post in IWC of Damtal and District 307, and bagged many awards. She attended two South Asia Rallies, two Triennial Conferences and was a voting delegate at the 15th I.I.W. Convention in Istanbul, Turkey. She enjoys reading, cooking, gardening, making friends, travelling and music.

Shalini Chaudhry
District 308

A topper in school and a graduate from Hissar, Shalini was drawn towards charity by her philanthropist father. She joined IWC of Kaithal, served various posts at the Club and District levels and received many awards. “Dainik Jagran” awarded her “Best Social Worker of the City”. Married to PHF Rtn. Sandeep Chaudhry, she is blessed with two sons. Shalini has authored a book titled, “Chaudhry Pariwar aur Parampara”.

Kailash Gupta
District 309

An M.A. in Economics with a B. Ed from Punjabi University, Patiala, Kailash was a lecturer as well as the Principal of a school. She is Charter President of IWC of Mansa greater. Married to ‘Service above Self’ Awardee, Prof. Dr. M.L. Gupta, she is blessed with two daughters. A lover of nature and deep rooted in spirituality, she is fond of cooking, travelling and making friends.

Saroj Vinaik
District 310

A post graduate in English and a life member of many socio-cultural organizations, Saroj joined IWC in 1984, held all posts at Club and District levels and got many awards, including that of Diamond President twice. She attended two Triennial Conferences and enjoys travelling, reading, making friends, gardening, cooking, craft and music. She is married to Rtn. Mangal Vinaik, and is blessed with two children and two grandchildren.

Manju Jain
District 311

An M.A. in Economics, Manju has held all the posts in IWC of Agra and the District and won several awards. She has attended most District Assemblies, Conferences, Rallies, Intercity meets, etc. Married to PHF (PP) Rtn. Suresh Chand Jain (C.A.), she is blessed with a son. Her hobbies are reading, social work, music, travelling, cooking and participating in newspaper & television contests in which she has won many prizes.

Alka Bansal
District 312

A post graduate from Lucknow University, Alka held various posts in IWC of Lucknow and her District and is one of the youngest District Chairmen in District 312. Early exposure to sports made her a team player with a deep sense of duty to family and society. Passionate about music and culture, her role models are Swami Vivekanand and Dr. Abdul Kalam. Married to Sumit Bansal, a businessman, she is blessed with one son.

Varsha Peety
District 313

A post graduate in Hindi from Jalna city, Varsha joined Inner Wheel in 1993 and held every post at Club and District level. She bagged the Best President Award, and was the 1st lady District Rotaract representative in Maharashtra. Qualified in Reiki and Kundilini Meditation, her hobbies are socialising, gardening and reading, and she plays the Sitar. Married to Rtn. Surendra, she is blessed with a daughter and 2 sons.

Mrudula Dand
District 314

An Art & Law Graduate who practiced Civil Law in the Bombay High Court, Mrudula joined IWC of Mumbai Ghatkopar as Charter Club Correspondent, served at all Club and District Levels, and won various awards. Besides devoting her time to social activities, she enjoys handling various operational aspects of the family business in Media & Entertainment and is also an active Rotarian and Paul Harris Fellow.

M.Padma Sarma
District 315

A Sub Divisional Engineer with BSNL and Secretary of Women Welfare Association of BSNL, Hyderabad, Padma held all positions in IWC of Warangal and the District. Married to M. U. M. Sarma, she is blessed with two daughters. A part-time Yoga, Beauty & Aroma Therapist and Pranic healer, she believes that, “Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.”

B.V. Rathnamma
District 316

A post graduate from S.V. University, Tirupathi, B.V. Rathnamma has held many posts in her Club and District. As District E.S.O., she started two new clubs in District 316. She attended the Triennial Conference and other Inner Wheel events. She is married to Rtn. PHF B.T. Reddy, Past President and Present District officer in 3160. They have one son. Her hobbies are reading good books, making friends and doing social service.

Revati P. Huilgol
District 317

An MSc in Statistics, Revati is an Associate Professor and awaits her doctorate on “Women Empowerment, a Statistics cal Investigation-case study of Bagalkot District”. An award winning Charter President of IWC of Bagalkot, she held all the posts in District 317. She enjoys reading, particularly Mythological and Religious books, painting and music. She is married to Rtn. Dr. Pralhad Huilgol and is blessed with two sons.

Shameem Kunil
District 318

Educated in Bangalore, Shameem was President of IW Mangalore North in 1993-94. She was Past President of AGE Mangalore (an NGO for senior citizens); Past Charter Director of DK Mahila Co-operative Bank and Director, Preethi Neethi Trust (an NGO for the rehab of Leprosy and AIDS patients). Married to PHF A.R. Kunil, she is blessed with two daughters and a son. She currently runs a Play School in Mangalore.

Asha Shailendra
District 319

A charter member of IWC of Vijayapura, Asha held all District posts and, as Dist ESO, added 2 new clubs. She was a voting delegate at two Triennial Conferences and the IIW Convention at Istanbul, Turkey. As best NCC Cadet, she went solo gliding and flew Powerfly & Microlite. Married to PHF Rtn Shailendra Kumar, she has a son and a daughter. She owns a Pre-School and has participated in many TV Shows.

Saraswathi Kannan
District 320

A graduate in Business Administration, Saraswathi joined IWC of Tirupur South in 1998 as Charter Member, took over as Club President in 2004-05 and entered the District in 2008. She is married to Major Donor Rtn. A. Kannan, a businessman and an active Rotarian. They are blessed with two daughters and a son. Her hobbies include reading, listening to music and making friends.

Kayalvizhi Arivazhagan
District 321

A psychology graduate, Kayalvizhi was inspired by Mother Teresa and joined IWC of Tiruchirapalli in 1995. She held most of the posts at the Club and District levels and received several awards. Her goal is friendship, service and woman empowerment. Married to Rtn. PHF S. Arivazhagan, she is blessed with a son and daughter. She loves entertaining people and her hobbies are gardening, counselling, art, music.

Mallika Venkataramani
District 323

A special educator and trainer, Mallika is a member of IWC of Madras Central. She has organised many programs and brought in many innovations in her District. She believes in leaving as few carbon footprints as possible, and has adopted several practices to conserve natural resources. She believes ‘women’s empowerment’ is not complete until women are ‘safe’.

Jayanti Dutta
District 324

Founder President of IWC of Tura, Jayanti held several posts at the Club and District levels. An educationist, she runs Denovo School in Tura, where she has enrolled many first generation students. Married to Rtn. Utpal Dutta, retired Professor of Chemistry, she is blessed with a son, a daughter, and a son-in-law. Jayanti likes to read, listen to Rabindra Sangeet, catch up with friends, and follow various creative pursuits.

Dr. Mridula Narayan
District 325

A practicing Clinical Psychologist attached to AKANKSHA, an Institute for the Mentally Challenged at Bodhgaya, Mridula has served IWC of Gaya and District 325 in all posts and was awarded Best ISO, Efficient Secretary and Outstanding President. She is a Rotarian too. She is married to Dr. C. L. Narayan, a renowned psychiatrist of Bihar. They are blessed with two daughters and a son.

Sapna Jaiswal
District 326

Charter Secretary of IWC of Bilaspur Central, Sapna held most Club and District posts and won several awards. A voting delegate at two Triennial Conferences, she attended the South Asia Rally in Sri Lanka and the IIW convention at Istanbul, Turkey. Married to Rtn. Ravi Shanker Jaiswal, she is blessed with a daughter. Currently pursuing her PhD and adept at French, she aspires to create a happier world by reaching out to children.

Chandrika Banerjee
District 329

A Human Resource Development Consultant with a training and corporate background from the U.K., Chandrika runs her own organisation associated with Career Counselling and SoŌ Skills training. A member of IWC of Calcutta Mid West, she entered District 329 in 2008- 09. She is also associated with many socio cultural organizations and is fond of travelling, reading and interior designing.