Ms. Janaki Govindarajulu
District 298

With an ‘A’ level from the Royal Society of Arts, UK, Board Examination and a Secretarial Course from the same institution, Janaki is a trainer in English speaking coaching classes. As President of her Inner Wheel club, Janaki bagged 3 awards-- Best President, Special Project and Community Service. Janaki is involved with other social causes also. She is known for her punctuality and helpful and friendly nature.

Ms. Neelu Khanna
District 301

A postgraduate in Library Science/Political Science, Neelu is an entrepreneur and President of “Apex International”, a Govt. of India recognized Star Export House. With several posts held at the club level, Neelu bagged as many as 14 awards during her Presidentship of her club, including 2 running trophies and 12 certificate awards. Neelu is a member of other social service organizations as well. Neelu is known for being a simple, but confident, person and for her amicable nature.

Ms. Maniprabha Jonnavithula
District 302

Maniprabha has a B.A. Degree and also an Advanced Diploma in Multimedia Computers. At the club level, she was awarded as the overall outstanding Club President, Club Secretary and Club Editor in her District. She is a home maker who trains economically backward women and students in computer skills through the platform of Inner Wheel. Maniprabha is known as someone who works hard and with sincerity.

Dr. Alka Bhavsar
District 303

Alka has an MBBS Degree and works as a Health Officer at an Urban Health Centre. As an Inner Wheel Club member, Alka received high commendation from the District Chairmen of that year. Alka has also worked as the District Pulse Polio Coordinator for 4 consecutive years and prepared guidelines for NGOs to work during the NIDs. Alka is known as a soft spoken, hardworking and dependable individual.

Ms. Prabha Pokharna
District 304

Prabha’s educational qualifications include an M.A. Degree in Political Science and Music. She is a professional tutor of classical music. As a club member, Prabha has organized cataract surgery and diabetes treatment camps and also career guidance camps. Prabha is a member of the Red Cross Society, Jan Chetna Sansthan, which works for the welfare of deaf and dumb students, and various women’s welfare organizations. Prabha’s helpful, bold, adventurous and pleasant nature is appreciated by her friends.

Ms. Rajni Agarwal
District 305

Rajni has a master’s degree in Geography and is a home maker. As president of her Inner Wheel, she received the Best President award as well as an award for Best Reporting and the Best ISO during her tenure at the club level. She is a member of other social service organizations as well. Rajni is known for her ever smiling nature and her culinary skills.

Ms. Madhu Sharma
District 306

With a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts, Madhu, as her club President bagged 15 awards, including that of Best President. She was responsible for organizing a mega camp on animal welfare and is the winner of many prizes in sports and cultural events of Rotary and Inner Wheel. She is a member of other social service organizations also. Madhu is known for her cooperative and supportive nature, ever ready to help and with a smile.

Ms. Kavita Uppal
District 307

Kavita has a Bachelor of Arts degree and has also finished an Entrepreneur Course from the North India Technical Consultancy Organization. She is a business partner in Opal Group of Industries, Phagwara. As president of her club, she received 13 awards and appreciation certificates, including a commendation for 100% increase in club membership during her tenure. Kavita is a member of organizations like the Red Cross Society, Ramakrishna Mission and Chinmaya Mission. Kavita is known for being methodical, meticulous, friendly and a good cook.

Ms. Megha Bansal
District 308

Megha has degrees of M.A., B.Ed. and is a home maker. During the year that she was club President, she bagged the Best President award and her club organized the District Intercity meet. She also bagged an award for a project on girl child education. Megha is a life member of the Red Cross Society, a life member of YWCA and an EC member of Experiment in International Living. Megha is loyal, dedicated and hardworking.

Ms. Manjula Garg
District 309

An advocate by profession, Manjula has a Master’s degree in political science and an LLB degree. She is a practising lawyer. The charter secretary of her Inner Wheel club, Manjula has held the posts of President, Secretary, Treasurer and ISO twice each. During her Presidentship, her club organized an exhibition for the entertainment and development of children and thereby to highlight the image of Inner Wheel in the region. She is also a member of various welfare societies and organizations. Manjula is appreciated for her charming and friendly personality.

Ms. Mridula Goel
District 310

Mridula is a graduate of Meerut University and is a home maker. Social service is a passion for her and as a club member, has held the post of president twice and each time been awarded, once as Golden President and the other time as Diamond President. During her tenures as president, she has bagged as many as 16 awards. Mridula is also actively involved with many social service organizations in Meerut. Her friendly, soft spoken nature with a positive attitude is what endears her to her friends.

Dr. Kanwal Mehra
District 311

Kanwal is an obstetrician/gynecologist with degrees of MBBS, MD, DGO. She is in active practice in the medical profession. She is the Charter President of her club and as a club member, managed and conducted the Intercity Meet in 2007-08. Kanwal has memberships of different organizations in her professional capacity, utilizing them for doing social service as well. Kanwal is a good friend, always available to anyone in need.

Ms. Kusum Mittal
District 312

Kusum has a Master’ degree in Zoology from BHU and a B.Ed. degree from Oudh University. She is a home maker now, but has earlier served as Principal of a school for nearly 25 years. As a club member, Kusum organized a fundraiser to raise funds to construct furnished classrooms for 2 schools. Kusum is a trustee of a trust that runs a library housing books of diverse interests and which the public has free access to. Kusum is friendly, soft spoken and a very emotional person.

Ms. Geeta Mamniya
District 313

Geeta has a B.Com. degree and G.D. Art in Fine Arts. She is an artist and an art teacher, running her own Geeta’s Creative Academy. She is also does stained glass painting, murals and other forms of painting. As club member, she has bagged the Best ISO and Best President awards. She is interested in various arts and bagged a prize at the ‘Pave the Way’ exhibition of paintings held during the 13th Triennial Conference of our Association. Geeta is known for her passion for sports and dance and for being an outgoing, friendly person.

Ms. Himadri Nanavati
District 314

Himadri has a Bachelor of Science degree and is a home maker. Her club presidentship was significant for the highest number of service projects executed during an Inner Wheel year. Himadri was the Hospitality Chairmen during the 11th Triennial Conference. Himadri is known among her friends for her organizational capabilities, dependability and her flair for decoration and cooking.

Ms. Maya Chandwani
District 315

Maya is a Science graduate and worked as a bank officer for 30 years. Maya received the Best President, Best ISO, and Best Editor awards for her work at the club level. When she was the President, her club organized the District Rally. Other than Inner Wheel, Maya is also a member of Red Cross Society and an active Rotary Ann. She has also been a financial advisor to ICICI Bank and Editor of a daily newspaper. Maya is known among her friends for being a good leader, teacher, motivator and administrator.

Ms. Raja Sujatha
District 316

Sujatha has B.A. B.Ed. degrees and was working in the judiciary department. She is now a home maker, but does help her husband in his business. Sujatha is a charter member of the Inner Wheel Club of Dhone and was instrumental in hosting a District Rally in Dhone. Sujatha does counseling for families in the premises of the local police station. She is also fond of writing poetry and writing articles for newspapers. Sujatha’s friends vouch for the fact that she is a very good organizer of events and entertainment and is friendly by nature.

Ms. Prema K. Gulagoudar
District 317

Prema is a Commerce graduate and is a home maker, who is very interested in social service. As a club member, Prema has won prizes in essay writing competitions and won appreciation for the pulse polio workshop conducted during her presidentship of her Inner Wheel club. She has been President of a women’s organization in Gadag was instrumental in conducting a state level Women’s Convention. She is an active member of the Kannada Sahitya Parishad. Prema’s friends say that she is a very sincere and honest person.

Ms. Vinitha Sathish
District 318

An Arts graduate, Vinitha is a home maker, who, while President of her Inner Wheel Club was instrumental in her club completing more than 200 projects and winning many awards. She has also served her club as Editor, ISO, Treasurer and Secretary. Apart from her activities in Inner Wheel, Vinitha is also fond of gardening and bonsai and has many prizes to her credit from participating in garden shows. Vinitha is known among her friends for being soft spoken, loyal and dedicated to her work.

Ms. Malavika Krishnamurthy
District 319

With a B.Sc. degree and Diplomas in Travel and Tourism and Interior Decoration, Malavika is an Industrialist. During her presidentship, her club executed many community service projects, especially vocational training to the needy. On a personal level, Malavika takes care of the educational needs of 25 children. Malavika is also a member of several social service organizations working for women empowerment and for the cause of needy children. Malavika is known for being soft spoken, compassionate and optimistic.

Ms. Padmajaa S. Menon
District 320

Padmajaa has a Master’s degree in History and a diploma in Journalism. Professionally, she is the managing partner in an interior design firm. She has also been a presenter and anchor of many programs on Malayalam TV. During her presidentship of her club, the club started a project to educate bright but poor students until they completed their graduation or post graduation. During the First South Asia Rally, Padmajaa was the Rally chairman. Padmajaa was the first vernacular journalist to win the Woman Journalist of the Year award. A former Girl Guide, a player of kho-kho and table tennis and a classical dancer, Padmajaa is known among her friends to be affectionate, dynamic, and full of enthusiasm.

Ms. Shailaja Pankaj
District 321

Shailaja is an M.A., M. Phil. in economics and is a home maker. As club president, Shailaja won the best president award. She also won the best secretary and best ISO awards while holding those posts in her club. Apart from being an Inner Wheel member, Shailaja is also a member of YWCA and Trivandrum Women’s Club. Her friends know her for her sincerity.

Swarnalatha Jothikumar
District 323

Swarnalatha is a Science graduate and also a Certified Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers. She worked in a bank for several years and is presently the CEO of a marketing firm. Swarnalatha, as president of her club was instrumental in starting a noon meal scheme in a corporation school for high school students attending special classes. Her club also sponsored training of poor girls as nurses’ aides in order to give them a viable vocation. Swarnalatha is also an active Rotary Ann. Swarnalatha is known for having an amiable disposition and being ever ready to help the needy.

Ms. Tseyang Bunty Norbhu
District 324

Tseyang has a Bachelor’s degrees in Arts and Education and works as a teacher and administrator. She has held the posts of Treasurer, Secretary and President at the club level. Aside from being an Inner Wheel member, Tseyang is also a member of a centre of Tibetan culture which works towards the preservation of the art and culture of Tibet and also works for the cause of Tibet. Tseyang’s friends know her as a very dependable person.

Ms. Poonam Prakash
District 325

Poonam has a post graduate degree in Arts and also a B.Ed. Degree. She worked as a teacher and is presently a home maker. As club president, she hosted an Inter District meet. Apart from winning the best president award and the best club award during her presidentship, Poonam was also declared the best club ISO and best club Secretary during her tenures in those posts. Apart from her membership of Inner Wheel, Poonam is also a life member of Red Cross Society and Theosophical Society. Her friends know Poonam for her loyalty, helpful nature and her sense of commitment.

Ms. Anita Pati
District 326

Anita is a post graduate in arts and also has an LLB degree. When she was president, her club was honoured as the most outstanding club of her District. She was committee chairman for a multi district rally in 2001-02. Anita is also a member of the managing committee of Ravenshaw Collegiate School. While in school, Anita had been a Girl Guide and was also an active participant in cultural activities. Anita is known for being a good singer and a compassionate and helpful person.

Ms. Saswati Dutta
District 329

Saswati has a Master’s degree in English from Calcutta University. As president of her club, Saswati’s significant contribution was starting a joint project for the benefit of the patients of Haemophilia Society and this remains an ongoing project. Saswati was a steward at the 13th Triennial Conference in Hyderabad. Saswati’s hobbies include cooking and she has won many prizes in cookery competitions. She also imparts tuition to the underprivileged students for free. Saswati is known for being a very organized person, friendly, cheerful and helpful.