The beauty of Inner Wheel lies in team spirit with the baton being passed from one leader to another at every level of the organization. The baton, or rather I would say the ‘mashaal’ to Light the Path for a better India, is being passed on to me to lead the Association in 2014-15.
Inner Wheel, a long standing international organization of 90 years, has reached its glory in Friendship and Service due to the dedicated efforts of many members and that is why this Installation function is ‘Samarpan– unconditional service’. Unconditional in the sense that those who have toiled for Inner Wheel have never bothered as to whether they have been thanked or whether their names have been highlighted in the media; they were content and happy with the results of their service. It is such members who take an organization to new heights. They have given all–their personal service, their hearts and their money. Kudos to such members. I only wish for all to follow their footprints and Light the Path for needy people in the community around.
I have the privilege of being the President of the Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in India in the year that we have the IIW President from India – Mrs. Abha Gupta. Another privilege is that during 2014-15, Inner Wheel will be completing 60 years of its existence in India. I am humbled by such opportunities.
We all must applaud ourselves for the wonderful work done towards humanity in these many years. Now, it is time to rethink, rejuvenate and re-dedicate ourselves to what has to be done and what could be done better, rejuvenate the clubs for them to be able to render more service and make a brighter future.
The new Inner Wheel Year 2014-15 spans the period from 1st July 2014 to 30th June 2015. My only wish is that each member, each club and each District keeps the Inner Wheel theme of the year in mind and strives to attain its goals to make service more meaningful. With the torch of Friendship and Service, I am sure you will Light the Path and light up:
  • The lives of women through Vocational training
  • The life of Inner Wheel through membership Increase
  • The image of Inner Wheel by creating a positive Brand
  • The IIW Convention by Registering for it
  • The lives of special, handicapped, malnourished and poor children by Adopting them.
  • The lives of people living in the community through Nature conservation
  • The lives of children through Happier Futures and the TEACH program
Thus, make Inner Wheel VIBRANT. In addition, you all should enjoy serving and loving. Inner Wheel will help you cross all hurdles in the areas of Friendship and Service.
As has been rightly said by Norman Schwarzkopf,
“A great deal of the capability of an army is its dedication to its cause and its will to fight. You can have the best equipment in the world, you can have the largest numbers in the world, but, if you're not dedicated to your cause, if you don't have the will to fight, then, you are not going to have a very good army.”
Let us ‘Build a TEAM – Together Each Achieves More’ that is dedicated.
VIBRANT Inner Wheel – Love ‘n’ Enjoy
Yours in Inner Wheel Friendship and Service,
Dr. Rashmi Sharma
Association President 2014-15
Dr. Rashmi was born in Etawah, Uttar Pradesh, and brought up in an environment very conducive to education, as her father, Dr. Shiva Kumar Ojha, was a professor in Aerospace Engineering at IIT Mumbai. Her mother, a housewife, inculcated the best virtues in her three children, the youngest of whom is Rashmi, meaning the “first ray of morning sun”. Little did Rashmi’s parents know then that their bright sunbeam would grow up to lead and ‘Light the Path’ in the Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in India. Rashmi’s siblings are an elder brother and a sister.
Rashmi studied up to her post-graduation in Commerce at Mumbai, securing the top position and after marriage, her thirst for knowledge and more degrees led her to pass NET and SET exam and complete her Ph.D.
Shifting base to Bhusawal after her marriage, Rashmi joined her husband’s ayurvedic medicines manufacturing business as Director and looked after its general administration and internal audit. Later she joined the Administration Department at a Medical College in Jalgaon. A passion for teaching was in her genes and at present, she is teaching postgraduates and undergraduates at a reputed college in Bhusawal. Many of her research papers have been published in International, Asian and National level journals and she has attended numerous conferences.
Joining Inner Wheel Club of Bhusawal on the 14th of November 1994, she, by virtue of her hard work and sincerity, was made District Conference Secretary for the District Conference hosted by her club in December 1996. In 1997-98 she became Secretary of Inner Wheel Club of Bhusawal and was awarded Best Secretary of District 303. During her Presidentship, in 1999-2000, of the Inner Wheel Club of Bhusawal, she organized an Entrepreneurship Development Forum for young graduates, the unemployed and housewives, lectures on Time Management, etc. As 1999 was the Year of Elders, various unprecedented programs were taken up for their benefit. Inner Wheel Club of Bhusawal attained a new meaning and new fame during her Presidentship. Again in 2003-04, since the District Conference was to be held in Bhusawal, she took up the post of Club Secretary. As a member of the club, she has been Bulletin Editor and has compiled and published a history of her club on the occasion of its Silver Jubilee Celebrations.
Rashmi entered the District Executive Committee of District 303 as District Editor in 2004-05 when she came up with a coloured monthly bulletin for the first time and again for the first time, this was distributed among all the members of her District. As the Pulse Polio Committee Chairmen during her Vice Chairmenship, she came up with a CD of songs on polio eradication– Polio Geet Mala-- composed by various clubs and this received high appreciation.
Climbing up the ladder at the District level, Rashmi became District Chairmen in the Inner Wheel Year 2009-10. She has many firsts to her credit during her tenure as District Chairmen. She formed a PDCs’ Forum, prepared an audio-visual training CD, started Zonal Training Institute, formed New Generation Club, published Chairmen's Newsletter every month, and brought out an Informative Directory, a District History Book, and the IIW Constitution and Hand Book in Hindi. Her District recorded the second highest growth in membership in our Association during her tenure as District Chairmen. As a District ESO, Rashmi started 2 new clubs.
Rashmi was the first to be elected from her District as Association Secretary in 2010-11. Her work was highly appreciated and she came up with the Association Directory in a CD form and included charter dates and formation dates of all clubs in the Association along with the photos of all District Chairmen, a Herculean task indeed.
Now, Rashmi is, once again, the first Inner Wheel member from her District and from a place, other than Pune and Mumbai, in Maharasthra, to don the mantle of Association President for the year 2014-15.
Very fond of forging friendships, Rashmi has attended almost all District events since being inducted as a member. Till date, she has attended the last 4 triennials, two of them as a voting delegate and in the last one at Hyderabad in February 2013, she was a scribe. She has also attended all the three South Asia Rallies that have been organized.
In addition to all the above, Rashmi has been an active member of Rotary Club of Bhusawal since 1995 and was Centennial President of the club when her club bagged the maximum number if awards in the history of the club. Rashmi has been awarded The Eduljee Award for Outstanding Club Secretary of the District in 2000-2001, Best Lady Rotarian of the District, Best Past President in Zone-4 Award, District Service Award, and RI’s Four Avenues of Service Award. She was her Rotary Club’s bulletin Editor from 1996 to 2007 and in 2007-08 and 2008-09, she worked as treasurer of the club.
Dr. Rashmi has held various posts at Rotary’s District level. Governor’s Aide for Bhusawal, Bhusawal Rail City, Raver, Jamner and Malkapur, District Chairmen for Safe Drinking Water, MUNA, Women in Rotary and Rotary Friendship Exchange. She has addressed various Rotary Clubs and District Forums like ICFs, PETs and DTTS and strives to do her best to do justice to every post that she has held. As Chairmen of MUNA, for the first time, District 3030 organized MUNA hosted by her own club and the second time, it was again her home club and she was the Convener. She is a PHF too. As Chairmen of The Rotary Foundation, she organized Region–2 Regional Seminar on ‘The Rotary Foundation’. At present, she is a member of Rotary Club of Bhusawal, Tapti Valley.
Rashmi has learnt Bharatnatyam and has been advisor with Desh Dutt Nazrana Mahila Manch for 3 years, a women’s organization set up by a leading local Marathi newspaper.
Rashmi is married to Rtn. Rajiv Sharma, Managing Director of an ayurvedic firm and an active Roatarian since 1994. He is a Third Level Major Donor. Her father-in-law, PHF posthumously, was a Rotarian for nearly 2 decades and her mother-in-law, a PHF too, was a Charter Member of Inner Wheel Club of Bhusawal. Rashmi and Rajiv are blessed with one daughter, Mahima, who is studying in the 8th grade and who is a Paul Harris Fellow as well.
With her sun sign being Taurus, Rashmi is headstrong and being born on a Friday makes her loving and giving. Rashmi believes that one should enjoy what one does and with a SMILE – Serving Mankind Is Lovingly Exemplified.