Nobody would have imagined, especially me, that, after being a District Chairman in 1999-2000, I would climb the ladder. But then do we plan our destiny? Destiny plans our steps. It decides whether we should climb or go down the ladder.
Right from my childhood, when I lived with a Gandhian grandfather who wore Khadi to his end, I grew up to marry into a family where my father-in-law too wore Khadi. Childhood memories are never forgotten and in fact are always a great influence in determining our future. Thus Social Work was embedded in my Life.
‘We, for women’ is truly a theme to which we can all relate. We must give due importance to ourselves, especially where Health is concerned. Let us not be Activists, trying to fight for our Rights, but fight against ill-health. Let us take a vow to be fit. For Once let us turn
WE into ME.
I want all the members with their lady friends to participate in the Pinkathon this year. For those who have never participated in a Marathon - let this be their first time. Let the Walk for Pinkathon be a reason to start being fit. It is never late to make a beginning.