The beauty of Inner Wheel lies in team spirit with the baton being passed from one leader to another at every level of the organization. The baton, or rather I would say the ‘mashaal’ to Light the Path for a better India, is being passed on to me to lead the Association in 2014-15.
Inner Wheel, a long standing international organization of 90 years, has reached its glory in Friendship and Service due to the dedicated efforts of many members and that is why this Installation function is ‘Samarpan– unconditional service’. Unconditional in the sense that those who have toiled for Inner Wheel have never bothered as to whether they have been thanked or whether their names have been highlighted in the media; they were content and happy with the results of their service. It is such members who take an organization to new heights. They have given all–their personal service, their hearts and their money. Kudos to such members. I only wish for all to follow their footprints and Light the Path for needy people in the community around.
I have the privilege of being the President of the Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in India in the year that we have the IIW President from India – Mrs. Abha Gupta. Another privilege is that during 2014-15, Inner Wheel will be completing 60 years of its existence in India. I am humbled by such opportunities.
My theme for the year 2014 – 2015 is "Light The Path" My foremost goal, with absolute commitment and involvement, will be to Promote Friendship, Encourage Personal Service and Foster International Understanding. My path shall be the path of service, love and friendship.